survey, program evaluation

A review of free online survey tools

November 07, 2017 | Pieta Blakely

Folks who have worked with me know that I get pretty passionate about how much I dislike the free version of SurveyMonkey. Lots of organizations use it in the context of internal program evaluation – because it’s free. But it has major drawbacks. The most important is that you can not export your ...

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survey, methods, likert, presentation, dataviz

Better survey results: Likert scales (or ratings scales) and how to interpret them

November 02, 2017 | Pieta Blakely

A very common and useful question type in survey research is the Likert scale. That’s the kind that asks the respondent to agree or disagree with a statement, or rate the extent to which they liked something. They are used a lot in program evaluation or simple feedback forms, where we ask ...

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