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More useful guides and resources for building logic models

March 13, 2019 | Pieta Blakely
Last year, I published a post with a handful of resources on developing logic models. It's a new year, and I thought the subject was worth revisiting. This post includes more long-form guides and online courses that you can use to build understanding of logic models in your programs and organizations.
Here are four guides and online courses on building and using logic models.
E. Taylor-Powell, L. Jones, and E. Henert
This is a print version of an online course (you'll find the link to the course inside) on logic models. It's very thorough and includes exercises.
Northwest Center for Public Health Practice
A 45-minute, online course on developing and using logic models. This is focused on community health programs and specifically designed for program managers. 
Kellogg Foundation
A usable, written guide to developing and using a logic model, with helpful examples and exercises. This guide describes multiple types of logic models and includes a chapter on using a logic model in evaluation
Rand Corporation
A guide to developing a program and incorporating outcome measurement for program improvement. This manual is available in pdf format for free. The process has been applied to a variety of program settings and Rand Corporation provides a wealth of resources, case studies, and examples.

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