Coffee Time

Joy and resilience

December 07, 2020 | Pieta Blakely

In stressful and uncertain times, we don’t often emphasize joy. But this week, Thaddeus Miles joined us to talk about joy as an act of resistance, a way of claiming our agency, and a source of resilience. 

Thaddeus Miles, the founder of HoodFit, and organization that is dedicated to building physical, spiritual, financial, and mental fitness in the predominantly minority communities in Boston; the founder of the only 5k that runs through the streets of Roxbury; and he is the host of an upcoming podcast on Black Joy.

We talked about 

  • Discovering our purpose with joy at the center
  • Maintaining an asset-based perspective, and 
  • How cultivating joy is an act of resistance and a source of resilience.

The takeaway: Joy is where our power lies.

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